The LAPD is going Electric

The Los Angles Police Department adopts their first Electric Car


The Los Angeles Police Department will be undergoing a bit of an upgrade soon, with BMW announcing that it will loan a fleet of their electric i3’s for a twelve month evaluation. The LAPD will evaluate the vehicles for twelve months, which marks the first test for BMW’s flagship electric vehicle.

“The decision by the Los Angeles Police Department to undertake this evaluation highlights the compelling nature of the BMW i3 as a versatile, sustainable vehicle,” said Christine Fleischer, BMW’s M & Individual Area Manager for North & South America. “By virtue of its innovative design and construction from leading-edge materials, the i3 is a brilliant fit with the technology-driven research philosophy of the LAPD. This will be a valuable learning experience for both BMW and the Department.”

The Law Enforcement BMW i3

The BMW i3, first unveiled in 2011, will sport the LAPD’s signature black and white livery, complete with rooftop bar, while undergoing its rigorous year of testing. Expect the electric car to be featured at public events throughout the city during its loan period.

So, why the i3? Part of what made it such an attractive option is the construction materials being based primarily of Carbon Fiber. This allows the BMW i3’s body to retain structural strength, while providing a more agile and engaging drive. The fully electric vehicle also sports a hybrid-synchronous electric motor powered by a 22-kWh Lithium-ion battery, good for 80-100 miles of emission-free driving.

Popularity Growing

These features have already made the i3 and attractive option in Europe, where the Bavarian ministry has acquired three of the electric vehicles for their emergency services fleet. These vehicles will come specially equipped, with an RTK 7 signaling system from German automotive parts manufacturer Hella, with the interior digital equipment designed by UK based Sepura PLC.

Other departments adopting the BMW i3 Geneva, Milan, London and others.

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1 Hakim { 02.13.16 at 8:50 pm }

I’m a big Triumph fan, and I’m happy to see them coming out with cool new bikes, but I can’t help but wodner if they would be better served by aggressively updating the core models they already have. The Speed Triple is getting quite long in the tooth and can’t hold up to new contenders like the Ducati Streetfighter and Kawasaki Z1000 or even its little brother. The Daytona 675 won just about every 600cc shootout when it was introduced, but now frequently places dead last in the comparisons, due to relentless updates from their more financially endowed competitors. I can envision a scenario where, five years from now, having more models then their budget truly allows for keeps their models languishing in salesrooms for years longer than the competition without updates. Just my 2 cents.

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