How a Carbon Fiber Cello is Made – (Videos)

Carbon Fiber CelloInstead of a wood construction, some cellos are made of carbon fiber. The brainchild of a Boston Symphony cellist, the carbon fiber cellos featured in these videos are said to have a more powerful sound than traditional wood instruments.

The carbon fiber used in these cellos looks to be a popular style; a 3K Twill Weave. Multiple layers of carbon fiber fabric are cut to a cello template. These fabrics are then placed into a pre-waxed fiberglass mold, saturated with resin, then vacuum pressure is used to compress the layers. After several pieces are cured, careful craftsmanship and skill is used to construct the rest of the cello. These videos depict the beautiful cellos of Luis and Clark – carbon fiber instruments.

Watch carbon fiber cellos being made in the videos below from the Science Channel’s ‘How It’s Made

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