Lamborghini Veneno Impractical … And Incredible

Lamborghini celebrated its 50th anniversary with it fastest and rarest model ever, the $4.5 million carbon fiber Veneno.

According to the company, the carbon fiber skin is a special resin that allows the carbon fiber reinforcement to retain some of its flexibility while providing a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Unlike the carbon fiber BMW i3, the Veneno is not designed with practicality in mind. Practicality isn’t even allowed in the same building. To drive in reverse — probably not a common occurrence in this car, anyway — the driver needs to have a spotter, or stick his head out of the open scissor door.

The Lamborghini Veneno has the jagged looks of a jet fighter, the Dark Knight version of the Batmobile, or a Decepticon. The front end is shaped to act as a wing that provides front-end downforce as the car reaches speeds in excess of 200 mph (the listed top speed is 220 mph).

If you’re breaking out your wallet — or your mortgage and the mortgages of everyone you love — put it away now. The Veneno production is limited to three vehicles, and it is already sold out.



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