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Customer Focus: Christopher Couch and his High Altitude Photography Platform

(CC0 Public Domain)   As a child, or at least child-at-heart, we’ve all dreamt of building our own space craft. I mean, NASA sent a man to the moon 47 years ago using computers that occupied entire floors of the building. Surely this is something I can design now on my tablet and some garage […]

October 5, 2016   2 Comments

Know Your Product: Shrink Tape for Composites


20% Shrink Tape provides an alternative to vacuum bagging for compression molding. Wrap it up, we’ll take it!

March 28, 2016   4 Comments

Meet Aquila: Facebook’s UAV and Newest Gadget

Aquila Facebooks UAV Drone If you haven’t heard, Facebook isn’t just looking for an improved like button. It’s time to meet Aquila, Facebook’s UAV and answer to bringing the web to the world.

September 24, 2015   No Comments

Composites: What to look for in 2015

Formula HybridThe global composites market is anticipated to witness good growth and reach over $35 billion by 2019. What can we expect for the coming year?

December 17, 2014   No Comments

Carbon Fiber Round-Up: November 2014

FormulaHybridCarCarbon fiber is in the everywhere in the news. It’s got wings. It’s got wheels. It’s changing shape all by itself. Check it out.

November 19, 2014   2 Comments

Customer Spotlight: Alyssa Daisey flies high with Aly in the Air

AlyintheAirCustomer Alyssa Daisey puts System 2000 Epoxy to the test with her giant remote-controlled airplanes.

September 10, 2014   No Comments

Solar Impulse Crossing the Continent on Sunshine

Solar Impulse, the company behind first aircraft that can fly day and night with only solar energy, has set a team out on a journey to cross the American continent.

May 22, 2013   1 Comment

Early Submissions Amaze in Fibre Glast Photo/Video Drive

It took minutes for great submissions to start rolling in on our new “Send Us Your Pictures” campaign. The early entries include custom carbon fiber longboards, sporty autocross cars and manned aircraft replicas. (For more information about the drive, see the submission page.) You’ll see more of these projects and others in the coming weeks […]

April 9, 2013   4 Comments

More Airlines Switching to Thinner Carbon Fiber Seats

Carbon Fiber Airline Seats

New, lighter and thinner airline seats made with carbon fiber allow airlines to squeeze more people onto flights. Several airlines have been retrofitting their cabins with these carbon fiber seats. Since these seats are thinner and lighter, there is more room for additional seating. The trend of thinner, lighter seats is spreading to smaller aircraft as well. With a weight savings of up to 20 lbs per seat, small airlines like Allegiant are ditching aircraft galleys and the old, heavy seats in favor of these ultra-slim-line seats. An older aircraft that previously carried 150 passengers can now carry 166.

November 15, 2012   3 Comments

XCOR Aerospace to Launch Passenger Suborbital Flights

Fibre Glast customer XCOR Aerospace is entering into the space tourism industry with their Lynx Spacecraft. This two-seat, piloted ship will take passengers on a 1/2 hour suborbital flight. Like a regular aircraft, the Lynx will launch and return in a horizontal position. A rocket propulsion system will take the craft supersonic to 330,000 ft, where passengers will experience weightlessness and the view of the earth below before gliding back to the original runway.

October 22, 2010   1 Comment