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Mansory Bugatti Veyron: Carbon Fiber and Gold

Carbon Fiber Bugatti Veyron

How do you make a Bugatti Veyron even more opulent? With carbon fiber of course. Lots and lots of carbon fiber. Oh, and did I mention gold? It’s not real gold, but Mansory, the company responsible for this monster, has spread golden-alloy accents all over this super car.

April 18, 2013   No Comments

Early Submissions Amaze in Fibre Glast Photo/Video Drive

It took minutes for great submissions to start rolling in on our new “Send Us Your Pictures” campaign. The early entries include custom carbon fiber longboards, sporty autocross cars and manned aircraft replicas. (For more information about the drive, see the submission page.) You’ll see more of these projects and others in the coming weeks […]

April 9, 2013   4 Comments

Lamborghini Veneno Impractical … And Incredible

Lamborghini Veneno
Unlike the carbon fiber BMW i3, the Veneno is not designed with practicality in mind. Practicality isn’t even allowed in the same building. To drive in reverse — probably not a common occurrence in this car, anyway — the driver needs to have a spotter, or stick his head out of the open scissor door.

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Carbon Fiber Hood Shatters in NASCAR Crash

NASCAR ScreencapJeff Gordon blew out his right-front tire and collected Matt Kenseth during the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Bristol Motor Speedway March 17, giving fans a look at how NASCAR’s new carbon fiber hood reacts during a wreck.

March 18, 2013   1 Comment

BMW i3 Brings Carbon Fiber to Consumer Vehicles

BMW i3 Consumer Car
The BMW i3 city car, to premiere at the Geneva Auto Show in May, will introduce carbon fiber into the consumer vehicle market. Unofficially, it may start the next stage of the consumer-grade composite arms race.

The international market for carbon fiber, often associated with high costs and scarcity, is expected to grow rapidly as popular vehicle manufacturers look for ways to decrease vehicle weight to meet government standards — vehicle fleets in the US must average 54.5 mpg by 2025 — and consumer desires. Once available only in special luxury or racing models, carbon fiber is finally entering the consumer market.

March 14, 2013   2 Comments

McLaren P1 Interior Shrink Wrapped with Carbon Fiber

McLaren P1 InteriorMcLaren Automotive stepped up the composite supercar arms race with new photos of the McLaren P1 carbon fiber interior, which matches the sleek vehicle skin.

The British automaker calls the visual design of the carbon fiber interior “shrink wrapped”, with floor, trim lining, dashboard and center console of the fabric without a top layer of resin for a natural look and a small weight savings. The McLaren P1 comes without fabric trim or carpet to further save on weight.

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Vizio.M uses composites to avoid safety/efficiency trade-off

Vizio.M side viewAs fuel prices rise and people become more conscious of environmental impact, companies and consumers are reconsidering their daily vehicles. Enter the Vizio.M, a joint project between the Technical University of Munch, BMW and Daimler. The concept vehicle is an attempt to build a cost-effective, lightweight — yet still road-safe — electric vehicle for the future.

January 31, 2013   1 Comment

US Debuts Carbon Fiber Bobsled Designed by BMW

Carbon Fiber BobsledThe US Men’s Two-man Bobsled Team tested its new carbon fiber sled designed by BMW in FIBT competition Jan. 19 in Igls, Austria, and piloted the prototype to a 14th-place finish.

“Sometimes you have to take a big risk to prepare for the future,” Holcomb said. “I wanted to race it, because we only get six training runs in St. Moritz. I wanted the extra runs in the sled, because it’ll take a little time to figure it out. I don’t know any sled project that comes out of the box and wins, so we knew we might have to lose before we can win.”

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Minty FReSh Scion FR-S — Photo Gallery

Minty FReSh Scion

This is a photo gallery of Chris Basselgia’s winning Minty FReSh Scion FR-S. This vehicle placed 1st in the Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Fibre Glast is a proud sponsor of this award-winning car!

November 5, 2012   No Comments

(Video) Vacuum Infusion Using Fibre Glast Materials

Vacuum Infusion Video

Vacuum Infusion is a technique that uses vacuum pressure to drive resin into a laminate. Dry materials are laid into the mold and the vacuum pressure is applied before resin is introduced. Once a vacuum is achieved, resin is forced into the laminate via vacuum tubing. The vacuum infusion process offers a better fiber-to-resin ratio than hand lay-up or vacuum bagging.

October 18, 2012   1 Comment