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Owens Corning Teams Up with BASF, TenCate in Race to (Price) Bottom

Biaxial Woven Fiberglass FabricGlass manufacturer Owens Corning joined BASF, the largest chemical company in the world, and aerospace composite manufacturer TenCate in an effort to reduce the cost of composites in mass-production vehicles.

April 4, 2013   No Comments

Carbon Fiber Guitar Built Via TechShop

Carbon Fiber Guitar
Check out this carbon fiber guitar (and great project overview) made by Instructables user “workislove”. He hand-crafted a composite guitar using carbon fiber and fiberglass with an epoxy resin base for a playable, durable instrument he created himself.

March 21, 2013   1 Comment

Lessons from Nature Built into Composite Pavilion

Composite Pavilion spinning
A German university team used natural designs as inspiration in the November construction of a high-tech composite pavilion that the team hopes can be used as a model for architectural composite creation.

March 11, 2013   2 Comments

Palm Beach County Considers Fiberglass Lifeguard Towers

Fiberglass Lifeguard Tower
The county of Palm Beach, Fla. is considering replacing its old wooden stands with more durable and portable fiberglass lifeguard towers.

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Casting resins, fairing compounds, and more

Polyurethane tooling boardFibre Glast added 40 new products with a wide variety of uses, from casting urethanes for molding to fairing compounds for fiberglass repair, industrial adhesives, high-temperature epoxy resin and tooling boards to CNC machining.

February 4, 2013   1 Comment

Giant Fiberglass Coffee Cup Installed in Downtown Milwaukee

Fibre Glast - Sign Efffectz

Fibre Glast customer Sign Effectz designed, built, and installed a giant coffee cup sign for their client, Stone Creek Coffee. This 8’ diameter, fiberglass-skinned cup now looks down on the streets of downtown Milwaukee from its perch atop Stone Creek Coffee’s factory. This fiberglass coffee cup was constructed with an aluminum ribbed substructure, filled, then lined with fiberglass to add strength and smoothness.

January 3, 2013   4 Comments

The World’s Largest Wind Turbine Blade

Siemens Blade Mold

Siemens has produced the first batch of its new 75 meter long B75 rotor blades. They will be installed on the second prototype of Siemens’ 6-MW offshore wind turbine, which will be erected in the second half of the year in Denmark’s Østerild Test Station. The 75 meter long B75 Quantum Blade demonstrates tremendous strength at a low weight and, thanks to its unique airfoils, offers superior performance at a wide range of wind speeds.

August 14, 2012   1 Comment

Giant Fiberglass Tiger Statues Get a Makeover

Fiberglass TigerShowMotion Inc. a theatrical production company in Connecticut made these huge fiberglass statues, and for over a decade, these tigers have sat atop Comerica Park; home of the Detroit Tigers.

Perched 150 feet above the field for years, these tiger statues have taken a beating from the weather. Now, these 10,000 lb. statues have made it home to Connecticut and the company that built them; to be sand-blasted, re-fiberglassed and repainted. The tigers will be back on top of the stadium by the time baseball begins.

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Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set

Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess SetThe Italian automotive company Ferrari makes more than just sports cars. They put their badge on everything. From watches, sunglasses, and gloves to jackets, perfume, and hand towels, Ferrari capitalizes on its luxurious and high-end brand reputation.

This chess set from Ferrari is constructed using carbon fiber covered wood, fiberglass, varnished wood pieces, and is completed with a metal Ferrari shield on the front. The playing board alternates squares in carbon fiber and fiberglass. If you love this Italian brand but can’t afford a supercar, you can own this set for just $1,534.00.

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Customer Picture Spotlight: Ancient Animals Preserved in Ash

Photos courtesy of Gregory Brown – Chief Preparator, Division of Vertebrate Paleontology
University of Nebraska State Museum

Take a look at these pictures! These are fiberglass resin casts made from silicone molds of rhinos and three-toed horses from Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park, Orchard/Royal, Nebraska.

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