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Gel Coat Problems and How To Avoid Them

Gel Coat Problems and How to Avoid Them

Proper gel coat application is difficult for professionals and is probably the most common problem area for those new to fiberglass work. Most common gelcoat problems are related to temperature variation, catalyzation and a variety of handling techniques. The following list of gel coat problems and causes should help to resolve some of the difficulties associated with gel coat.

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Building a Composite Bamboo Bicycle (Photo Gallery)

Building a Bamboo Bicycle
It takes some major ingenuity to produce a modern item with natural materials. That’s what BAMBOOBIKER did, and luckily, he documented how. On there is a great, step-by-step guide on how this awesome Bamboo Bicycle was built.

This bicycle was built with bamboo, carbon tow, resin, and a lot miscellaneous small parts. The article on describes the frame prep, how the joints were reinforced, and even how the bike rode after completion.

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Composite Materials Fabrication Handbooks: An insight into the popular instructional books.

Composite Materials HandbooksAlthough composite materials fabrication has been around for decades, few resources exist that detail the “how to” aspect of a good fabrication. Publications that cover the subject of composite materials often dive into the technical and mathematical aspect of the materials and their use. Too often, the typical do-it-yourselfer is alienated and forced to believe that doing a composite material fabrication is too complicated. This simply isn’t true. Granted, fabrication with composite materials does take skill, knowledge, and mechanical ability, but it is a trade that most people can learn.

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