Customer Spotlight: Alyssa Daisey flies high with Aly in the Air


Alyssa Daisey makes epoxy resin look very exciting. She flies it high into the air at top speed, slices sideways into a knife edge, then brings it in low, slow, and upside down, just to wow the crowd. It’s all a part of Daisey’s performance with her giant RC plane, designed and built with composites science at its core.

Daisey pilots giant remote-controlled airplanes through her start-up, Aly in the Air, based out of aviation hub, Wichita, Kansas. Her remote-controlled fliers measure in at one-third scale, but boast nearly all the flight characteristics of their full-scale counterparts. That’s because quality craftsmanship and performance are top priority to Daisey—and she can confirm she’s getting it. She’s also the engineer and builder of each plane. And she attributes much of her performance capability to composite construction.


“I’m an aggressive pilot. I fly my aircraft at high speeds—there’s considerable pressure on the wings. In fact, there are 25 to 30 different laminate parts on each plane. I need to know it will all stand up under the circumstance and load,” said Daisey. “It’s all made possible with composites.

“I sing the praises of vacuum bagging and always use System 2000 Epoxy resin from Fibre Glast. I’ve never had a failure—it’s a product I can trust. And why would I put an inferior product into one of these beautiful planes?”

Daisey’s passion for the art of flying is deep-rooted. While other teenagers spent their days hanging out, she was busy sweeping floors at the airport, cleaning parts, learning the ropes of all things aeronautic. It’s no wonder she soloed her first plane before she could drive a car. Since then, she’s piloted hang gliders and helicopters, and restored classic planes from the ground up.

Her endeavors with Aly in the Air and giant RC have given Daisey just one more avenue to explore aviation and put her skills to work.

“Glass lay-up offers creativity. What comes out of your brain becomes apparent in the engineering. It starts with a concept. I refine it. I build the mold. I create the part and then, I get to show it off!”


Aly and her “big red” RC, Sabrina, are often requested for performances around the country. Just before we spoke, she began production of an RC airshow to benefit wounded American veterans in the Wichita area. She devotes a lot of time to the local youth Aviation Explorers club, too.

Aly in the Air plans to manufacture giant RC planes in the near future. In the meantime, check out some of the videos she has posted on her website to see her in action. You don’t want to miss Daisey’s maneuvers, composite craftsmanship, or her alter-ego sitting in the cockpit…

“Most pilots put some ugly, helmeted figure up there in the aircraft. I wanted to put something up there worth looking at, something that would start a conversation: a girl pilot.”

Aly, you’ve got our attention.

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