Hit the Road: Three Road Trips Inspired by Fiberglass

There’s no better season than spring to take a road trip. And how’s fiberglass for some inspiration? Take a look at some interesting fiberglass applications that are hitting a highway near you—or at least a road somewhere.

  1. Gato del Sol1. Gato del Sol.
    While it might sound like an exotic beach location, this is actually the name of the solar-powered car designed by the University of Kentucky Solar Car Team that really puts fiberglass and the practices of composite lamination to work. The team has competed with some version of Gato in races around the country for about a decade. These cars are powered by solar energy, and engineered meticulously. Thus aerodynamics and weight are critical in design, which is where fiberglass comes into play. Gato V is set to be road-ready this season. Watch fiberglass composite magic unfold by way of video and a great series of still shots: Gato del Sol

  2. NestEgg Trailer2. The NestEgg.
    The NestEgg Teardrop-Generation 3 is a small, teardrop-shaped camper that hit the market just last year. Its unique body is constructed entirely of composites, along with marine-grade hardware, and highlights two impressive features of fiberglass. First, it’s marketed as noncorrosive and 100% waterproof: when your trip is over and it’s time to clean, simply open the door and hose it down, inside and out. Two: many of its features, like the ice box, are form molded to keep things compact and aerodynamic. As a result, this NestEgg weighs in at an ultralight 700 pounds, and is ready to tow behind nearly any vehicle—even a Toyota Prius, according to the NestEgg website.

  3. Salem Sue Fiberglass Cow3. Salem Sue.
    Made from fiberglass and touted to be “the world’s largest Holstein cow,” Salem Sue stands 38 feet high and 50 feet long, along Interstate 94 in New Salem, North Dakota. She was built largely from fiberglass in 1974 to honor the region’s dairy industry—and who doesn’t love giant fiberglass cattle? Stop by and get your photo with Sue.

Have you seen anything fantastic and fiberglass on your travels? Leave a comment with a picture or send us a photo and location.

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