The Aluminized Fiberglass Guitar: G1 Ten

Evolving a long way from the first electric guitar, the G1 Ten is what we dreamt the future would be; bright, shiny and chromed-out like an alien spacecraft.

When Gus Guitars created a limited edition guitar to celebrate their Tenth Anniversary, they designed a guitar worthy of being unsheathed by King Arthur himself. It’s a jewel; a ‘shining’ example of unique craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Silver Aluminized Fiberglass decorates the surface of this guitar. The unique, silver finish covers the body, fingerboard and headstock and hides a strong, underlying structure made of Carbon Fiber and cedar wood composite. It has turquoise carbon fiber inlays in the frets, and chromed aluminum metalwork makes this guitar shine.

Even the case is impressive! Gus Guitars borrowed reinforcing techniques from the racing yacht industry and used Carbon Fiber and KEVLAR® to create a form-fitting ‘cocoon’.

Want to play it? Good luck. They only made 10.


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