The Race to the Clouds: 928 Motorsports

Fibre Glast customer Carl Fausett and his team at 928 Motorsports engineered a 1978 Porsche 928 racer to reach the summit of Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is an annual automobile hillclimb to the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each participant has a timed run up the winding mountain road, speeding through 12.42 miles of both gravel and paved sections. Racers climb 4,721 ft from the base at 9,390 ft above sea level to the summit at 14,111 ft. Dizzying to the non-acclimated person, the altitude is just as difficult for the vehicles. Thin air, inclines averaging a 7% grade, 156 turns, loose gravel; let’s just say that it’s impressive that the team at 928 Motorsports could push themselves and their racer to the top.

Just like the Colorado Gold Rush pioneers, Carl Fausett, the owner of 928, challenged the West. People said that the Porsche 928 couldn’t be a competitive race car. People said that successfully supercharging an early 928 wasn’t possible, but like a true pioneer, Carl Fausett worked hard, engineered and invented his way to success.

Carl started working on his 1978 928 almost a decade ago. He made hundreds of significant changes including slimming the Porsche down from a stock weight of 3,400 lbs to a fighting weight of 2,917 lbs. Carl made fender flares and rocker panels from KEVLAR® and fiberglass. He also used KEVLAR® and fiberglass to create “spill barriers” on the roof of the car. These barriers keep air flowing longitudinally over the roof of the car. A lightweight, adjustable carbon fiber wing was also added to the rear of the car. Multiple changes to the body, interior and engine made this 928 ready for the mountain.

Carl made his Pikes Peak debut in 2007. He made an instant impact by placing 3rd in the Open Division. His attempt in 2008 was less successful, but there was redemption in 2009 where he again placed 3rd. His time of 13 minutes and 46.791 seconds was the fastest time for any two-wheel drive car.

Carl and 928 Motorsports have been published! In the May 2010 edition of ‘Excellence: The Magazine About Porsche’, 928 Motorsports has a five page article featuring Carl and his 1978 Porsche 928. Congratulations!
Much of the information in this blog post has been derived from this article. Written by Peter Linsky.



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