Fibre Glast is Accepting Your Composite Project Pictures.

Fibre Glast - Send Us Your PicturesBy uploading you project pictures, Fibre Glast will consider them for inclusion in, product catalogs, graphics, and more. Your Name, Company Name, City and State will be included with the picture when it is used. It’s like free advertising.  – Find Out How to Upload Your Pictures

Have you used carbon fiber, fiberglass, KEVLAR®, resins, gel coat or other composite materials in a project that you are proud of? Now is your chance to share it with thousands of people.

When you upload your pictures, they will be considered for inclusion in our web site, advertisements or even in our product catalog! Please upload large, High Resolution pictures (300 dpi or more) of your project – whether it’s something you created in your garage or at school, a boat that you repaired, or the coolest looking carbon fiber motorcycle ever – we’ll take it. Low resolution pictures will only be considered for our website gallery. This campaign ends March 31, 2012


If you upload your pictures in March 2012, you will receive a promotion code for $10 Off Your Next Order. After you upload your pictures, a confirmation screen will display your promotion code.

Top 50 Customer Pictures of August 2011.
Top 50 Customer Pictures of January 2011.
Every year, we are glad to receive hundreds of pictures from our talented and creative customers. We are proud to display these pictures on our website and in our product catalog. View the:
Top 100 Customer Submissions of Previous Years.

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and you can use it on the surf and take the rod on the boat with ease. Its a hybrid just don’t bring this guy to a pond, thats just ovikrell and you would want something smaller anyways.The best part is the name!!! Who names a fishing rod BeefStick? The jokes never end when you bring this bad boy out fishing with your friends.

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