Composites 2015 Roundup

Fibre Glast’s 2015 Round Up

Composites 2015

In just a few days, we’ll be saying goodbye to 2015 and hello to another year. 2015 has had a good run, haven’t it? In the past twelve months the composites industry has flourished, and we can even begin to describe how fun it has been being a part of that. So, while everyone is busy enjoying the holidays and reflecting on what a great year it has been, we thought we’d help you along with a few reflections of our own. Here’s some of the top stories and events this year for composites (as well as for Fibre Glast.)

Industry News


Composites are changing the way cars are made. Be it Yamaha’s new Carbon Fiber chassis that was recently unveiled, or the BMW i9 that is quickly gaining popularity as an emergency service vehicle, composites are quickly making their place in the automotive industry. Ford has turned to carbon fiber for an all new set of wheels that are seriously cool, with plans to put composites front and center for future sustainability.

Composites have also overtaken aluminum, in the world’s fastest car. Composites in the fast lane? We can certainly dig it.


Who isn’t thinking about space these days? When we aren’t busy wondering if there is water on Mars (or trying to save a stranded Matt Damon on that red planet) the world of aerospace has been a phenomenal source of cool news, when it comes to composites. Making its first (re)debut is Airlander 10, the composite Blimp that might be changing the skylines above the UK and Europe.

NASA managed a successful launch of the Black Brant rocket, which used ultra-lightweight carbon composite materials developed by Orbital ATK. Speaking of NASA, Clouds AO and SEArch were announced as the winners of NASA’s 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, creating a stunning concept for a habitat to be used on Mars.


UAV’s might have had the most change out of any of the composite-heavy industries. Facebook has become an unexpectedjuggernaut, with the introduction of their Aquila, a drone that will bring internet to billions across the globe. Meanwhile, NASA (yes, they get mentioned in two sections, we’re big fans) have unveiled plans for the first ever Mars Airplane. What will it be made of? You guessed it, composites.

UAV’s have become popular for all sorts of applications, with Tanzina turning to UAV’s in their efforts to stop poaching. Over in London, newly 3D printed Composites Drones have been on display, showing a very cool future for the industry.

Our Customers

We love being a part of what you do. Every day, Fibre Glast customers are making something truly awesome, and we take every opportunity to show off their works. Here are a few of the favorites that we’ve shared this year.

Fibre Glast

2015 has been an exciting year for Fibre Glast as well, with a wealth of new articles and information for our customers, making sure all the information they will ever need is one click away. Here is a list of our latest Blog Posts and White Papers, covering the world of Composite Materials.


All composites are a two part system between reinforcement and resin. At Fibre Glast, we like to make sure our customers have every opportunity to make the right decision in their supply process. In this blog post, we discuss all of the laminating resins available, as well as giving an idea on the projects you would use them for.

We also cover the specifics of Polyester Resins and Vinyl Ester resins, in order to give a better picture between these two. Looking for more information? We have you covered, with our White Paper on all you’ll ever need to know, on Laminating Resins.


What about reinforcements? Don’t worry, this year we had articles to help you out on those as well. Our blog post on Kevlar covers the fundamentals between the various grades of Kevlar, in order to show on how and when each would be used (and which would be best for your next project!)

This year we also covered Carbon Fiber vs Fiberglass, the two most common types of reinforcements within the composite industry. Debating on which would be best for your next project? Click through and take a look.


Looking to try out Vacuum bagging? We’re here to help with that as well. Go ahead and take a look at our blog on Vacuum Bagging Set-up, in order to get a better picture of just what goes into this process, and what it can help you achieve.

Also released this year is our Ultimate Guide to Fiberglass Repair, the definitive source within the industry on what you’ll need to make that next repair project a success.

Have idea on an article, or need a question answered? We’d love to hear it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and we will take them into consideration as we head into 2016.

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