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Fibre Glast customer Composite-Art, based in Apopka, FL, is a fabrication company that specializes in high quality, American hand made composite components. Founded by Shawn Bassett four years ago, this company has roots in the race/performance parts industry. Shawn’s original interest in working on his own Supermoto race bike turned into a passion for making the highest quality composites. Today, Composite-Art employs 5 skilled composite artisans that are capable of making almost any part or prototype out of composite materials.

The Gallery below contains finished projects from Composite-Art

From Shawn Bassett – Founder of Composite-Art

“Every aspect of what we do and what we create starts and ends in Florida. Our artisans feel ownership to Composite-Art. That feeling shows through in every piece we make. Each item is handmade in the USA by the most talented artisans in the industry, with the highest quality materials. Composite-Art is set apart through its attention to detail and ever evolving capabilities. We offer services for “one offs”, prototyping, engineering, composite repair, to product manufacturing. Our mission it to provide the consumer with the highest level of craftsmanship and service.”

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Apopka, FL

Materials used by Composite-Art

  • Carbon Fiber: Composite-Art’s most commonly use fabric, carbon fiber is the the most desirable of the all of their materials. The visual appearance of modern composites that comes with great strength yet feather light. Available in plain weave, 2X2 twill weave and 4X4 twill weave.
  • – Exotic Carbon Fiber: The Rook, Wasp, Atomic and Roswell carbon fiber fabrics are becoming very popular. Each has a very unique pattern that you have never seen before. These exotic fabrics have the same strength properties as conventional carbon fiber.
  • Carbon Fiber-KEVLAR® Hybrids: Composite-Art specializes in creating pieces with carbon fiber-KEVLAR® fabrics. These fabrics are available in Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange KEVLAR® intergraded with carbon fiber. Although its difficult to work with the outcome is well worth the effort.
  • Texalium: Most commonly referred to as “Silver Carbon Fiber”, texalium is a fiberglass that contains a thin aluminized coating on the out site. Generally used for accent pieces. Texalium is available in silver, and pink.

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1 Jason a.k.a. GR8racingfool { 01.08.14 at 12:19 am }

Worked with Shawn on a BIG project I had been working on for 13 years, finally found somebody who could help finish the job, Shawn and his crew was that company. The work they did was outstanding, finally got it all installed, and can’t wait to show it off at car shows this summer, its something new, and unique to the platform nobody else has. Thanks again buddy!

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