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box-157074_leftThe doorbell rings. It’s your friendly UPS/FedEx delivery guy. He’s got a box from Fibre Glast. OH BOY! Time to get started on that project. But, what if the contents aren’t up to par? Am I sure I ordered the right thing? Is this “first quality” material the best I could have ordered? The worry sets in. It’s time to just cut the tape, open the box, and see what’s going on.

Except, we don’t want you to worry. That’s why we’ve put into place our First Quality Guarantee. Because you ordered from Fibre Glast, you truly ordered the best–and you should expect the best, each and every time. We applaud you and thank you for your choice.

Your entire composites project relies on materials that are going to meet the specs you require. There can not be any flaws in the fabric–even tiny flaws cause weakness in your finished part. The epoxy can’t be shipped to you after sitting on a shelf for years–the strength properties will deteriorate over time, and it will be hard to work with.

So I bring you to our First Quality Difference, newly updated on our website:

You can go cheap on fabrics, but will end up with a cheap, low quality part. Reinforcements are the most critical aspect of any project.  Our fabric weavers have very strict guidelines about fabrics which are considered First Quality. When they certify a First Quality fabric, it can be used in any of the most demanding applications—from marine craft to space craft.

We also do not mix our fabrics on the same roll. This will cause cross-contamination.

Need a certificate of conformity with your order? No problem. Just ask (some fees may be required for this, just a heads up).

We require that all of our fabrics are…
Manufactured by ISO-certified facilities in the USA.
Finished to our specs to ensure complete compatibility with all of our resins.
Arrive with certifications confirming that they meet our published specs.
Have been tested to ASTM standards (when applicable).

What to Expect When you Order Fabric from FibreGlast

System 1000Resins
We research and handpick every formula of resin we stock. We are looking for the best strength properties, best shelf life, and best work-ability. Like our fabrics, our resins are manufactured in the USA with complete specs and ASTM-standard test results.  You can trust your composite part knowing that your resin will yield top performance.

We actively monitor manufacturing dates and guarantee you a minimum 6-month shelf life from your date of purchase with all of our polyester and epoxy resins; vinyl ester is guaranteed for 3 months.

First Quality also makes a difference with resins, as does shelf life. Some resins do not provide best quality results over a year–if you purchase resin that has floating “eyes” or has started to gel in the bottom of the can, you will never achieve the full properties of your reinforcement. This is too common for resins sold in brick and mortar stores or at a discount.

Tools and SuppliesVacuum bagging 11.15
Some brushes will dissolve in resin. Some cups will dissolve in acetone. Some scissors won’t cut some fabrics. Some tools, are just, well… terrible. We stock supplies that are all tested to be suitable with any of our resins or other materials. We don’t sell gimmicks nor 30 varieties of the same tool–just the best, proven options to make your job easier and top quality.

If you are not pleased with any of the tools your order from us, you have 30 days from order ship date to return it to us for a refund.


Clearance Corner
Occasionally we’ll receive an order in that is dented, not to spec, or otherwise does not meet our “First Quality Promise”. Rather than just throwing these materials away, we put them in our clearance corner with full disclosure of what is wrong with the product. Everything is perfectly usable, but not up to par with the rest of our premier line products.


We are proud to be a certified supplier by many government agencies, race teams, contractors, and big brands you trust. We look forward to earning your trust as well!

You can check out our updated First Quality difference here:

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