Innovation in Moto2-Taylormade Carbon2 Motorcycle


Taylormade’s new Carbon2 motorcycle is definitely innovative, but can it stand up to its time tested competitors in Moto2?

The Carbon2 is designed built using Carbon Fiber which is different from the materials used by other racers in Moto2. Carbon Fiber is not the only difference of the Carbon2 it was designed to have a Monocoque chassis that creates its new cooling design. The chassis is just one of many differences, the Carbon2’s fuel tank is embedded into the frame. Other special features include the chassis width,the air tunnel that will keep the bike more aerodynamic, and the fuel cell location.

The radiator is positioned at the back of the bike under the seat and will be cooled by an air tunnel running through the body of the bike. To cut down on the weight of the bike the chassis is only as wide as the engine.This makes the bike lighter and more aerodynamic. The placement of the fuel tank is also unique; the tank is closer to the center of the bike, which puts it closer to the center of gravity. This will help the balance and overall performance.


As stated above one of the features of this bike is the air tunnel, which runs through the center of the bike. This air tunnel brings air to the radiator which is located at the rear of the bike. (To get a better look at the air tunnel design view the video below.) The Carbon2 will use a wishbone fork configuration making the forks highly adjustable. By using these forks, the air tunnel is given the ability to run through the center. This will control the overall feel and flow of the rider.

Additionally, Taylormade made changes to the fuel cell. The fuel cell of the Carbon2 has been placed vertically on the bike. This limits the change in handling of the bike during the course of a race.

With all of the innovations, it will be fun to see just how the Carbon2 stacks up to its competition in the future.

The Carbon2 made its first public appearance July 11th at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.It will race in the 600cc grand prix series.

To check out more of Taylormade Racing visit their Website and be sure to check out the video below.

To check out more of Taylormade Racing visit their Website

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