Two New Instructional DVD’s Available From Fibre Glast

Fiberglass Osmosis Repair Secrets and Below the Waterline Hull Restoration are the two new fiberglass and composite material DVD’s available from Fibre Glast. For fiberglass repair and boat maintenance, these videos contain useful information for the do-it-yourselfer.

Fiberglass Osmosis Repair Secrets: A Look Inside

Fiberglass Osmosis Repair Secrets

Fiberglass Osmosis Repair Secrets is a new instructional DVD that shows you in real time how to do below the waterline repairs ranging from minor blisters to severe osmosis.  Osmosis is when water permeates the gel coat layer.  When the water cools and expands, it can result in air bubbles in the laminate near the gel coat surface.  Signs of osmosis include small marks on the outer hull that if left untreated become large brittle bubbles you can push in and out by hand.  Neglecting osmosis will only cause it to worsen.  Large blisters will become visible creating circular delamination and potentially leading to leaks.

This DVD will show you how to remove layers of old antifoul paint and how to pressure wash and clean the yellow water line also known as the scum line.  Setting up the gel coat stripper is illustrated along with steam cleaning the stripped hull. #854-A – $39.95

Below the Waterline Hull Restoration: A Look Inside

Below the Waterline Hull Restoration

Below the Waterline Hull Restoration is a new instructional DVD aimed at keeping your boat in tip top condition. Filmed in real time for the do it yourself enthusiast, this DVD will show you how to prevent antifouling which is a build up of barnacles and other marine organisms on the bottom of a boat. If you aren’t counteracting or preventing antifouling, it could affect your boat’s performance and durability. For example, the growth buildup of these organisms can hamper your boat’s ability to properly sail upwind. A ship’s speed also decreases as the hull is covered with marine growth.

This DVD will show you how to mix and apply epoxy primer, apply and grind epoxy putty to the final finish as well as how to mix and apply epoxy paint. Edge trimming and masking techniques will be shown in addition to mixing and applying the material to combat antifouling. #858-A – $39.95

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i have a discontinued bempur thats from over seas its not in as bad shape as this but i would luv to keep track on how this comes out and maby i can figure out away to get mine repaired..

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