Summer Kicks Off with Composites

Quickboat Pre-AssemblyComposites are designed to stand up to heat, saltwater, pool chemicals, and more—they’re perfect for summer use! See where you’ll find them this season…

June 11, 2015   No Comments

Pagani Zonda Revolution – Going out with a Bang

Pagani is set to have a final special production run limited to 5 examples. The Pagani Zonda Revolution is a $2.9 Million per unit send-off.

June 5, 2013   2 Comments

Solar Impulse Crossing the Continent on Sunshine

Solar Impulse, the company behind first aircraft that can fly day and night with only solar energy, has set a team out on a journey to cross the American continent.

May 22, 2013   1 Comment

Fibre Glast is Accepting Your Composite Project Pictures.

Fibre Glast - Send Us Your PicturesHave you used carbon fiber, fiberglass, KEVLAR®, resins, gel coat or other composite materials in a project that you are proud of? Now is your chance to share it with thousands of people.

By uploading you project pictures, Fibre Glast will consider them for inclusion in, product catalogs, graphics, and more. Your Name, Company Name, City and State will be included with the picture when it is used. It’s like free advertising.

February 27, 2012   1 Comment

Composite Materials Fabrication Handbooks: An insight into the popular instructional books.

Composite Materials HandbooksAlthough composite materials fabrication has been around for decades, few resources exist that detail the “how to” aspect of a good fabrication. Publications that cover the subject of composite materials often dive into the technical and mathematical aspect of the materials and their use. Too often, the typical do-it-yourselfer is alienated and forced to believe that doing a composite material fabrication is too complicated. This simply isn’t true. Granted, fabrication with composite materials does take skill, knowledge, and mechanical ability, but it is a trade that most people can learn.

December 8, 2011   2 Comments