Simple Female Mold Construction: A Diagram

For creating stable, dependable parts, nothing quite beats a solid, composite made mold. So, where do we begin?

March 24, 2016   3 Comments

Basic Vacuum Bagging Set-Up

Vacuum bagging allows fabricators unparalleled quality and efficiency when working with composite materials. Here we will discuss the basics of what you’ll need, in order to start your next vacuum bagging project.

November 23, 2015   9 Comments

The World’s Largest Wind Turbine Blade

Siemens Blade Mold

Siemens has produced the first batch of its new 75 meter long B75 rotor blades. They will be installed on the second prototype of Siemens’ 6-MW offshore wind turbine, which will be erected in the second half of the year in Denmark’s Østerild Test Station. The 75 meter long B75 Quantum Blade demonstrates tremendous strength at a low weight and, thanks to its unique airfoils, offers superior performance at a wide range of wind speeds.

August 14, 2012   1 Comment

How a Carbon Fiber Cello is Made – (Videos)

Instead of a wood construction, some cellos are made of carbon fiber. The brainchild of a Boston Symphony cellist, carbon fiber cellos are said to have a more powerful sound than traditional wood instruments.

The carbon fiber used in these cellos looks to be a popular style; a 3K Twill Weave. Multiple layers of carbon fiber fabric are cut to a cello template.

May 19, 2011   No Comments