Giant Fiberglass Coffee Cup Installed in Downtown Milwaukee

Fibre Glast - Sign Efffectz

Fibre Glast customer Sign Effectz designed, built, and installed a giant coffee cup sign for their client, Stone Creek Coffee. This 8’ diameter, fiberglass-skinned cup now looks down on the streets of downtown Milwaukee from its perch atop Stone Creek Coffee’s factory. This fiberglass coffee cup was constructed with an aluminum ribbed substructure, filled, then lined with fiberglass to add strength and smoothness.

January 3, 2013   4 Comments

Two New Instructional DVD’s Available From Fibre Glast

Instructional DVD's Available From Fibre Glast

Fiberglass Osmosis Repair Secrets and Below the Waterline Hull Restoration are the two new fiberglass and composite material DVD’s available from Fibre Glast. For fiberglass repair and boat maintenance, these videos contain useful information for the do-it-yourselfer.

Fiberglass Osmosis Repair Secrets is a new instructional DVD that shows you in real time how to do below the waterline repairs ranging from minor blisters to severe osmosis. This DVD will show you how to remove layers of old antifoul paint and how to pressure wash and clean the yellow water line also known as the scum line. Setting up the gel coat stripper is illustrated along with steam cleaning the stripped hull.

Below the Waterline Hull Restoration is a new instructional DVD aimed at keeping your boat in tip top condition. This DVD will show you how to mix and apply epoxy primer, apply and grind epoxy putty to the final finish as well as how to mix and apply epoxy paint. Edge trimming and masking techniques will be shown in addition to mixing and applying the material to combat antifouling.

December 20, 2012   1 Comment

(Video) Vacuum Infusion Using Fibre Glast Materials

Vacuum Infusion Video

Vacuum Infusion is a technique that uses vacuum pressure to drive resin into a laminate. Dry materials are laid into the mold and the vacuum pressure is applied before resin is introduced. Once a vacuum is achieved, resin is forced into the laminate via vacuum tubing. The vacuum infusion process offers a better fiber-to-resin ratio than hand lay-up or vacuum bagging.

October 18, 2012   1 Comment

New 1K x 3K Plain Weave Carbon Fiber Fabric Available at Fibre Glast

Mix and pour foam

3.5 oz/sq yd, 50″ Wide, .015″ Thick, 1K x 3K, Plain Weave
This lightweight carbon fiber fabric joins 1K and 3K carbon tow with a plain weave construction. Unique and highly formable, this carbon fiber fabric can be used to selectively reinforce areas with minimal weight increase. The plain weave construction wets out quickly and handles easily.

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The 10 Most Beautiful Cars of All Time

The 10 Most Beautiful Cars of All Time

In celebration of the classic and exotic car events Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, Total Car Score has weighed in on the car world’s all-time best looking rides.

Normally, Total Car Score creates its top 10 lists by crunching the numbers on specifications like horsepower, top speed, zero-to-60 acceleration, MSRP and fuel efficiency.

August 24, 2012   1 Comment

Gel Coat Problems and How To Avoid Them

Gel Coat Problems and How to Avoid Them

Proper gel coat application is difficult for professionals and is probably the most common problem area for those new to fiberglass work. Most common gelcoat problems are related to temperature variation, catalyzation and a variety of handling techniques. The following list of gel coat problems and causes should help to resolve some of the difficulties associated with gel coat.

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Double Amputee To Race At Olympics

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius, or “Blade Runner” as he’s affectionately called, a double-amputee sprinter, will run for South Africa at the London Olympics.

Pistorius was born missing the fibula in both legs. Before his first birthday, his legs were amputated just below the knee. The 25-year-old athlete will run in the 400 and the 4×400 relay, becoming the first amputee runner to compete in the Olympics.

Pistorius’ entry into the London Olympics has not been without controversy. There is a debate on whether the carbon fiber blades on which Pistorius runs give him an unfair advantage. Pistorius will be running on Cheetah Flex-Foot blades.

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