Making the Case for Industrial Design Clay

Renault Twizy in ClayDon’t underestimate the power of an artistic touch. Industrial design clay still plays a key role in bringing new automobile models to market.

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New Modeling Clay at Fibre Glast

Fibre Glast has brought in two new modeling clays; #1120 Chavant Le Beau Touché Clay and #1121 Chavant Le Beau TouchéClay HM (high melt). These clays can be used in fiberglass molding applications including; temporary fillets, construction of mold parting lines and quick repairs to molds. The oil base of the clay allows PVA separator to be applied to it and also provides a good measure of adhesion to waxed surfaces. Le Beau Touché products will not oxidize and can be left out or heated and cooled repeatedly without any significant change in the product.

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