Fibre Glast Spray Guns | Video

Fibre Glast Spray GunsIn this video Fibre Glast shows three different spray guns. These guns are meant to be used to spray gel coat or other liquids like PVA, resin, or varnish. These spray guns come with larger spray nozzles (2.0 mm minimum). This allows these spray guns to spray higher viscosity materials better.

#123-A – ¼ Pint (4 oz) Touch-up Spray Gun is a small, portable spray gun that is perfect for on-site repairs or for small areas. #126-A – .6 Liter (20 oz) Touch-up Spray Gun is a great gun for larger surfaces. It can be used for mold construction, large boat repair, or gel coat refinishing.

May 10, 2012   3 Comments