H160: Airbus’ Composite Helicopter

Airbus’ H160 composite helicopter is a seriously ground breaking piece of technology. From Components to design, this is one you seriously need to check out

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Punch One: The Composite Made, Solar Powered Car

Formula Hybrid team

The Bio-based Composite made, solar powered race car. Punch Powertrain Solar Teams’s Punch One is a seriously cool piece of technology.

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Meet Aquila: Facebook’s UAV and Newest Gadget

Aquila Facebooks UAV Drone If you haven’t heard, Facebook isn’t just looking for an improved like button. It’s time to meet Aquila, Facebook’s UAV and answer to bringing the web to the world.

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Pagani Zonda Revolution – Going out with a Bang

Pagani is set to have a final special production run limited to 5 examples. The Pagani Zonda Revolution is a $2.9 Million per unit send-off.

June 5, 2013   2 Comments

Solar Impulse Crossing the Continent on Sunshine

Solar Impulse, the company behind first aircraft that can fly day and night with only solar energy, has set a team out on a journey to cross the American continent.

May 22, 2013   1 Comment

Olin Sailbot Nearly Ready to Leave Dock

Sailbot's Chaos TheoryThe Olin Sailbot team isn’t going it alone — It’s not going at all. That’s the idea, at least, for its 2012-13 club project, a large model-sized sailboat they hope is the next step to sailing autonomously across the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Carbon Fiber-Framed, Electric YikeBike is Ready For Urban Travel

After being named one of the top inventions of 2009 by Time Magazine, the New Zealand based YikeBike started shipping in June 2010.

This foldable, electric bike is meant to change the way city-dwellers commute. Imagine zipping past all of the traffic on the way to your destination. Why not ride a normal bicycle you ask? Well, unlike a bicycle, the YikeBike folds into a compact circle, making it completely portable. Weighing just 22 lbs, the YikeBike can be carried into cars, trains, planes, and can fit under your desk at work!

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