A First Look at Composites in 2015

DPSskisThe first quarter of 2015 is virtually complete, so we thought we’d follow up on some of our predictions for the year in composites

March 26, 2015   3 Comments

Composites: What to look for in 2015

Formula HybridThe global composites market is anticipated to witness good growth and reach over $35 billion by 2019. What can we expect for the coming year?

December 17, 2014   No Comments

Carbon Fiber and Wind Energy in San Francisco Bay

Wind+Wing Wingsail in HarborSan Francisco-based Wind+Wing teamed ancient sailing methods with modern-day carbon fiber technology. The result may help Bay transportation go greener.

November 5, 2014   No Comments

Makani Wind Energy Puts Composites on a Tether

WalktheMakaniThe switch to clean energy means wind power needs to be more cost efficient up front. See how composites play a role in this unique application.

August 27, 2014   No Comments

Giant Wind Turbine Featured on ‘World’s Toughest Fixes’

In an episode of ‘World’s Toughest Fixes’ on National Geographic Channel, a giant, 115-ton wind turbine is being erected in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. In the future, residents will count on the wind to generate energy for their community, but first, engineers will have to battle that wind in order to erect this massive turbine.

September 22, 2010   No Comments

Repair in the Air: Rope Partner Featured in The New York Times

Wind farms are booming in the United States; and with all this growth comes an interesting niche job – “Rope Specialists”. Ascending 250 feet, these specialists reach and repair precarious parts of wind turbines in the field. These wind blades, made of fiberglass, sometimes get damaged by lightning strikes, ice, birds and harsh weather conditions. Someone has to repair them. That’s where Fibre Glast customer Rope Partner comes in. Armed with a belt full of supplies, these technicians brave the elements to get the job done.

August 20, 2010   No Comments