Wind Blade Tours the States

GE ‘Capture the Wind Tour’ hit the road with a 131 ft wind turbine blade to raise support for innovative energy policies.

Shipped across the country, 4,000 miles, through 10 states; a GE advanced technology wind turbine blade carries the message, “I’m helping to build America’s energy future”.

This massive blade is now covered with over 6,000 signatures, collected from clean energy supporters across the US.

The tour started in South Dakota, where the blade was manufactured, and made various stops in Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, and then was delivered to the doorstep of congress in Washington DC. This grand petition made notable stops at wind farms in Illinois, a science museum in Ohio, the WindPower 2010 Conference in Texas and to the 2010 Congressional Baseball Game in Washington DC.

This blade signifies support of new clean energy policies, and it has been a symbol of enthusiasm for not just alternative energy, but the jobs that the industry will create.


Fibre Glast is getting involved in the Wind Energy Market

We just sent our Business Development Manager, Malcolm Rosenow to the world’s largest and most anticipated annual event for wind energy; the WindPower 2010 Conference. Held in Dallas by American Wind Energy Association, this conference is an impressive display of approximately 1,400 exhibitors and over 24,000 attendees from the industry.

Upon his return from the conference, Malcolm stated:

“AWEA [American Wind Energy Association] runs one of the best tradeshows that I have ever attended, and it keeps getting better every year. It is simply a great place to see new products, technology, and the companies that support the wind energy industry. Everyone that I spoke to was very receptive to how we can support their business with a rapid, 24-hour response to deliver composite products and supplies to a field repair project. Having exact quantities and mixing canisters at a turbine blade repair project, allows the field technicians the time to focus on the repair at hand.”

What can Fibre Glast do?

We want to dive into the wind energy supply-chain, and focus on supplying composite materials for repairing wind blades in the field.  We have a chance to become a part of an industry that can positively change the future.

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