Carbon Fiber Round-Up: November 2014

FormulaHybridCarCarbon fiber is in the everywhere in the news. It’s got wings. It’s got wheels. It’s changing shape all by itself. Check it out.

November 19, 2014   No Comments

Carbon Fiber and Wind Energy in San Francisco Bay

Wind+Wing Wingsail in HarborSan Francisco-based Wind+Wing teamed ancient sailing methods with modern-day carbon fiber technology. The result may help Bay transportation go greener.

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Customer Spotlight: Fiberglass Rides with Gotham Cruisers

Gotham 1966 Cruiser Grill Fiberglass is known for bringing efficiency to the transportation industry, by way of light weight, strength, and durability.But has it ever looked so cool?

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The Ins and Outs: Choosing Composite Fabric by Weave

WovenFabricIt’s not just about cosmetics. The weave of fabric reinforcement impacts fabrication from lay-up to the performance of your finished part. Find out how.

October 8, 2014   2 Comments

Shrink Tape Puts the Squeeze on Composites

ShrinkTape20% Shrink Tape provides an alternative to vacuum bagging for compression molding. Wrap it up, we’ll take it!

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Customer Spotlight: Alyssa Daisey flies high with Aly in the Air

AlyintheAirCustomer Alyssa Daisey puts System 2000 Epoxy to the test with her giant remote-controlled airplanes.

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Makani Wind Energy Puts Composites on a Tether

WalktheMakaniThe switch to clean energy means wind power needs to be more cost efficient up front. See how composites play a role in this unique application.

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Mantis Shrimp Holds Key to Better Composites in its Fist

MantisShrimpEyesMantis Shrimp may hold key to creating better composites…in its fist.

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A Practical Look at Mix-and-Pour Foam

BoatFoamFill it. Float it. Carve it. Two-part, mix and pour foam is popular with fabricators, boaters, and great engineering minds. Learn why and how to use it.

July 30, 2014   No Comments

Christian von Koenigsegg: Next Bond Villain or Composites Superman?

Koenigsegg One:1For two decades, the Swedish car maker has been turning heads in the automotive world at near warp speed. He’s got composite fabricators equally impressed.

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