Basic Vacuum Bagging Set-Up

Vacuum bagging allows fabricators unparalleled quality and efficiency when working with composite materials. Here we will discuss the basics of what you’ll need, in order to start your next vacuum bagging project.

November 23, 2015   5 Comments

Ford’s New Composite Wheels

Ford has partnered with Carbon Revolution to redesign the wheel (and by the looks of it, this just might work.)

November 11, 2015   No Comments

Carbon Fiber vs Fiberglass

Which reinforcement should you be using? Your guide to comparing fiberglass and Carbon Fiber. What you need to know in order to pick the best fabric for your next project.

October 30, 2015   No Comments

KEVLAR®: Composites Grade vs. Ballistics Grade

Not all Kevlar is created equal. What would be great for building a kayak might not be the best for protective vests. So what type should you use?

October 26, 2015   6 Comments

Choosing the Right Resin

Epoxy, Polyester, Vinyl Ester; a quick, practical, need-to-know guide on resins before you start your next composites project.

October 22, 2015   48 Comments

H160: Airbus’ Composite Helicopter

Airbus’ H160 composite helicopter is a seriously ground breaking piece of technology. From Components to design, this is one you seriously need to check out

October 15, 2015   No Comments

Punch One: The Composite Made, Solar Powered Car

Formula Hybrid team

The Bio-based Composite made, solar powered race car. Punch Powertrain Solar Teams’s Punch One is a seriously cool piece of technology.

October 7, 2015   No Comments

Meet Aquila: Facebook’s UAV and Newest Gadget

Aquila Facebooks UAV Drone If you haven’t heard, Facebook isn’t just looking for an improved like button. It’s time to meet Aquila, Facebook’s UAV and answer to bringing the web to the world.

September 24, 2015   No Comments

Aston Martin’s Carbon Fiber Dreamcar

Aston Martin would like a piece of the spotlight when it comes to carbon fiber supercars. Check out the Aston Martin Vulcan to see a luxury supercar in carbon fiber livery.

July 15, 2015   No Comments

Carbon Fiber Hoverbikes and other Composites News

Quickboat Pre-Assembly There is no shortage of news and hype surrounding the future products and innovations that will be made using composite materials. Sometimes there are incremental improvements to existing technology, sometimes composites allow Star Wars fanboys to live out their dreams. We’ve gathered a few stories that cover that spectrum and more.

June 24, 2015   No Comments