Customer Spotlight: Alyssa Daisey flies high with Aly in the Air

AlyintheAirCustomer Alyssa Daisey puts System 2000 Epoxy to the test with her giant remote-controlled airplanes.

September 10, 2014   No Comments

Makani Wind Energy Puts Composites on a Tether

WalktheMakaniThe switch to clean energy means wind power needs to be more cost efficient up front. See how composites play a role in this unique application.

August 27, 2014   No Comments

Mantis Shrimp Holds Key to Better Composites in its Fist

MantisShrimpEyesMantis Shrimp may hold key to creating better composites…in its fist.

August 13, 2014   No Comments

A Practical Look at Mix-and-Pour Foam

BoatFoamFill it. Float it. Carve it. Two-part, mix and pour foam is popular with fabricators, boaters, and great engineering minds. Learn why and how to use it.

July 30, 2014   No Comments

Christian von Koenigsegg: Next Bond Villain or Composites Superman?

Koenigsegg One:1For two decades, the Swedish car maker has been turning heads in the automotive world at near warp speed. He’s got composite fabricators equally impressed.

July 16, 2014   No Comments

Canoe Repair From the Inside Out

RedShinyCanoeRepairing your fiberglass canoe isn’t as difficult or time consuming as you think.

July 2, 2014   2 Comments

Generate Some Heat with Polyester Laminations

HeatFabricating parts can be like a good dinner date—and we’ve got some tips to make sure things end how you’d like them to.

June 18, 2014   No Comments

Making the Case for Industrial Design Clay

Renault Twizy in ClayDon’t underestimate the power of an artistic touch. Industrial design clay still plays a key role in bringing new automobile models to market.

June 4, 2014   No Comments

Fiberglass Sculpture: Composites Go High Brow

Waltzing Matilda by Alice Aycock One man’s composite may be another man’s art. See how artists are using fiberglass for sculpture.

May 21, 2014   4 Comments

Fiberglass Bridges the Gap: Composites at Work

Fiberglass component for bridge constructionIt’s not a new concept: structural engineers have been using fiberglass composites for bridge construction and repair for almost 20 years now. But the popularity of this practice has grown exponentially worldwide for a number of reasons.

May 7, 2014   4 Comments