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Makani Wind Energy Puts Composites on a Tether

WalktheMakaniThe switch to clean energy means wind power needs to be more cost efficient up front. See how composites play a role in this unique application.

August 27, 2014   No Comments

Mantis Shrimp Holds Key to Better Composites in its Fist

MantisShrimpEyesMantis Shrimp may hold key to creating better composites…in its fist.

August 13, 2014   No Comments

Christian von Koenigsegg: Next Bond Villain or Composites Superman?

Koenigsegg One:1For two decades, the Swedish car maker has been turning heads in the automotive world at near warp speed. He’s got composite fabricators equally impressed.

July 16, 2014   No Comments

Pagani Zonda Revolution – Going out with a Bang

Pagani is set to have a final special production run limited to 5 examples. The Pagani Zonda Revolution is a $2.9 Million per unit send-off.

June 5, 2013   2 Comments

Solar Impulse Crossing the Continent on Sunshine

Solar Impulse, the company behind first aircraft that can fly day and night with only solar energy, has set a team out on a journey to cross the American continent.

May 22, 2013   1 Comment

ROUNDUP: March 2013 in Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass News

BMW i3Oak Ridge National Laboratory opens new research facility; Lamborghini Veneno and BMW i3 debut at Geneva Auto Show; A guitar made at the Techshop; Composites in cars, planes help save on fuel.

April 1, 2013   No Comments

Carbon Fiber Mfg. Lab Opens at Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge National Laboratory pull quoteThe future of commercial carbon fiber may lie in the mountains of Tennessee. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, one of the nation’s top federal science research institutions, opened up a new carbon fiber manufacturing research facility this week to find a way to make the advanced material more cost-effective for commercial industries.

March 28, 2013   No Comments

Carbon Fiber Hood Shatters in NASCAR Crash

NASCAR ScreencapJeff Gordon blew out his right-front tire and collected Matt Kenseth during the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Bristol Motor Speedway March 17, giving fans a look at how NASCAR’s new carbon fiber hood reacts during a wreck.

March 18, 2013   1 Comment

Olin Sailbot Nearly Ready to Leave Dock

Sailbot's Chaos TheoryThe Olin Sailbot team isn’t going it alone — It’s not going at all. That’s the idea, at least, for its 2012-13 club project, a large model-sized sailboat they hope is the next step to sailing autonomously across the Atlantic Ocean.

March 6, 2013   No Comments

Vizio.M uses composites to avoid safety/efficiency trade-off

Vizio.M side viewAs fuel prices rise and people become more conscious of environmental impact, companies and consumers are reconsidering their daily vehicles. Enter the Vizio.M, a joint project between the Technical University of Munch, BMW and Daimler. The concept vehicle is an attempt to build a cost-effective, lightweight — yet still road-safe — electric vehicle for the future.

January 31, 2013   1 Comment